DupHunter 2.0

DupHunter enables new smart ways of finding duplicate images. It scans photos on a computer and gets rid of all duplicates leaving only the best images in each group of similar pictures. The program automatically detects series of photos taken with continuous shooting or locates similar images based on their content.
DuplicateHunter is an app designed to quickly deal with all the photo duplicates. The tool implements a unique image analysis algorithm that not only detects similar images with high accuracy, but also does this extremely quickly.

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Should be able to compare files across multiple folders

When the number of photos increases, it is natural to keep them in different storage devices, e.g. two different hard disks. A duplicate finder must be able to aggregate the contents of two folders (and their subfolders) and find duplicates among...
John Dangerbrooks, 10.02.2016, 12:40
15 votes Vote

Ability to scan all the drives of system.

ASR, 10.02.2016, 12:48
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12 votes Vote

Make it work with raw (at least DNG) files.

At this point in time when many shoot in RAW, it is a must.
Physya, 10.02.2016, 12:02
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ability to make fast md5 hashes and compare them

ability to make fast md5 hashes and compare them
nemsis, 10.02.2016, 18:21